Principal's Message

Mac Wolfe
Spring break is just around the corner (March 25-29) and we will soon enter the fourth and final quarter of the school year. I encourage each student to FINISH STRONG! We have had an amazing year so far.  
Etiwanda was just announced as a California Distinguished School!  Our past performance on state exams was one of the reasons why we were selected as being a California Distinguished School.  Our teachers have worked diligently to prepare all students for the upcoming CAASPP, CAST and AP exams.  The CAASPP is an essential test for ALL juniors, while the CAST is for all seniors.  The CAASPP is used by the state to measure success in the areas of Math and English, the CAST measures our success in science, and both tests measure the overall success of our school. I encourage our juniors and seniors to attend every day of testing and do their best to prove college readiness. We will be following a block schedule for a week and a half, to provide our students with enough time for the tests. The CAASPP/CAST bell schedule is posted on our website.  
Important Testing Dates: 
CAASPP for all 11th grade students 
April 16-18 (English/Math) 
April 23—25 (English/Math) 
CAST for all 12th grade students  
April 16-18(testing in Gov/Econ class) 
CAASPP/CAST Make-ups for all 11th and 12th grade students  
April 17-18 
AP Testing 
May 6-17 
The Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) is an accrediting agency responsible for evaluating educational institutions in California. Schools undergo WASC accreditation to ensure they meet established quality standards in areas like curriculum, student support, and institutional effectiveness. On April 7-10, Etiwanda will welcome a committee of 7 educators representing WASC to evaluate our school.  We are excited to demonstrate the great things we are doing here at the E. If you have any questions about this, please reach out to the school.   
Our spring sports season is underway!  Boys Volleyball, Baseball, Softball, Golf, Swim, Boys Tennis, and Track & Field teams are ready for solid competition. In addition, our Visual and Performing Arts programs are preparing spring plays, concerts, performances and the annual Art Showcases. I am proud of our amazingly talented athletic, activities and arts programs!  
Eagles, I encourage you to continue to push hard and do your personal best as you finish this academic school year. Let’s finish strong and strive to stay on track by attending school each day and focusing on completing the A-G requirements.  
Eagle Pride!   
Dr. Mac Wolfe