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Principal: Mac Wolfe
Assistant Principals: Julie Kawai, Azande Aikens, Richard Moore, Martin Telles


Counselor Alpha Group
Magdaly Giron A-Car
Stephanie Harkey Cas-For
Jacqui Campuzano Fou-Jac
Nicholas Romero Jag-Mej
Cristina Parker Mel-Pre
Ramiro Hernandez Pri-Sta
Danielle Jones Ste-Z


Etiwanda High School (EHS) is one of eight comprehensive high schools within the Chaffey Joint Union High School District. The school is located in the suburban, predominantly middle-class community of Rancho Cucamonga. The majority of families live in single-family homes with many parents commuting to work out of the immediate area.

The physical plant consists of seven buildings including a 900 seat theater and stadium with a seating capacity of 4,700. The school currently serves 3,601 students ninth through twelfth grade.

The student population breakdown at Etiwanda is the following: Hispanic (49.3%) with the second and third largest sub-group populations being White (18.5%) and African American (15%). Those students eligible for free and reduced lunches make up 42% of the total school population while 78 students (2.4%) are currently classified as Limited English Proficient (English Learners).

All students study the state and district mandated core curriculum and follow the established graduation requirements. The majority of funding comes from the district’s general fund. Categorical monies are utilized to assist English Learners.

Each class is 54 minutes. Each Friday is a late start day when meetings, collaboration and staff in-services are scheduled. The only minimum day scheduled is the day after Back-To-School Night in September, and three at the end of each semester for school-wide final examinations.

In addition to the core and elective courses taken by our students, the school offers a full athletic program, as well as instrumental, vocal music, drama and dance.


English 4 years; Mathematics 2 years; Physical Science 1 year; Life Science 1 year; World History 1 year; US History 1 year; Physical Education 2 years; Government 1 semester; Economics 1 semester; Foreign Language or Fine Arts 1 year; Computer Studies 1 semester; Focus Area (taken from Fine Arts, Business Education, Home Economics, Industrial Technology, Foreign Language)
2 years; Electives 4 years (65 or 70 credits).

HONORS/Advanced Placement Courses
24 AP Courses in:

AP Biology, AP Calculus, AP Calculus BC, AP Chemistry, AP Chinese, AP Computer Science, AP Economics, AP English Literature, AP English Composition, AP French, AP U.S. Government, Human Geography, AP Physics, AP Psychology, AP Spanish Language, AP Spanish Literature, AP Statistics, AP Studio Art, AP U.S. History, AP World History.

6 Honors courses in: Int Math II, Int Math III, English I, English II, Pre-Calculus, Biology I.

Five credits are granted for completion of semester courses. 2.5 credits are granted for quarter courses. Students normally are enrolled in 6 classes each semester.

Rank is calculated at the end of every semester grading period using the grade point average of all marks earned in grades 9, 10, 11 and 12. Rank is weighted with extra points given in Honors and AP courses.


A = 4
A = 5
B = 3
B = 4
C = 2
C = 3
D = 1
F = 0


Athletics – Etiwanda High School Athletics has a proud tradition of developing high performing student-athletes who excel in the classroom as well as athletics.  It is our belief that students who are engaged in extra-curricular activities promote a positive culture and climate on our campus.  These student-athletes benefit by learning valuable life lessons such as teamwork, commitment, perseverance, sacrifice, and the value of hard work.  Etiwanda Athletics has experienced decades of success both on and off the field. In addition to having many athletes compete at the professional level, we have had success in individual and team league titles, individual and team CIF championships and multiple athletes receiving athletic scholarships.  At Etiwanda we will continue to promote the importance of a successful student athlete as an integral part of our school climate and culture.  

Broadcast Journalism I/IV – Etiwanda High School’s journalism course seeks to develop well-rounded broadcast journalists, storytellers and highly experienced editors whose objective is to think, create and inform. Students are prepared with the skills necessary to pursue college level as well as professional journalism in partnership with PBS NewsHour Student Reporting Labs and their partners PBS SoCal and KQED. Students in the course produce content for publication on the Student Reporting Labs site, on the PBS NewsHour program and the KQED Above the Noise YouTube series. Students also produce content for the regular morning broadcast and serve the campus by reporting campus events, their campus life and issues which they face as youth.

Band and Color Guard – The Los Osos Band, Orchestra & Color Guard Program has built a reputation as one of the finest musical organizations in Southern California. The concert bands and orchestra have consistently earned “Superior” ratings at music festivals throughout the state. The Jazz Band has appeared at the Reno Jazz Festival and has earned recognition at a variety of festivals and popular venues throughout the region. The Color Guard and Winter Guard have consistently been medalists in the championships sponsored by the Winter Guard Association of Southern California and The Los Osos Marching Regiment has twice appeared at the Fiesta Bowl National Band Tournament and the Fort McDowell Fiesta Bowl Parade in Phoenix, Arizona, and earned top music and marching awards at both of those events. The Marching Band has won the Las Vegas Invitational 3 times and has been a "Bands of America" regional finalist. The marching band has consistently been ranked in the top 12 of high school marching bands in Southern California for the past decade, according to the Southern California School Band and Orchestra Association and earned gold medals at marching band championships in 2007 and 2014.

Choir – The Vocal Music Department at Etiwanda offers 4 different levels of choir. ALL students are welcome to be a part of our choir program. The advanced choirs consistently get superior ratings at festivals and are known throughout the community for their skill and professionalism. All choirs learn to read music and perform throughout the year.

Theatre Arts/Drama Program -The Theatre Arts/Drama Program at Etiwanda High School continues to produce high-level work in the classroom and in a diverse array of stage productions. EHS Drama earned all four first place trophies at the John A. Lesser Shakespeare Festival at Cal Poly, Pomona in 2019. Recent productions include student-original pieces, one-person shows, and comedy improvisation. E.P.I.C. (Etiwanda's Precisely Impulsive Comedians) is celebrating fifteen years of comedy improvisation. Recent E.P.I.C. shows have raised money for: Mental Health Resources, American Red Cross, and Animal Welfare Charities. Etiwanda High School participates in the E.S.U. (English Speaking Union) National Shakespeare Competition and has had two students reach the national finals in New York. EHS Drama won best ensemble in the 2008 California Education Theatre Festival (CETA). Recent graduates of Etiwanda High School who participated in the Theatre Arts Program have attended prestigious colleges, universities, and training programs, including: New York University, UCLA, University of Cincinnati, BYU, UC Irvine, AMDA, University of La Verne, Cal Poly Pomona, and CSUF. Other awards include: Shakespeare in the Vines (Temecula) Winner 2018, Runner-Up 2019, 2017-2019 recipient of the Rancho Cucamonga Arts Foundation grant, selected to pilot the Disney high school Drama workshop (2009). EHS Theatre Arts continues to provide opportunities for student-artists in the areas of: playwriting, directing, co-teaching, acting, and theatrical design. The EHS Drama Program was featured in the textbook about co-teaching entitled: Collaborating With Students In Instructions And Decision Making. Students in recent years have written powerful and entertaining plays, continuing the philosophy of college and career ready in the performing arts. The 2018-19 Season included: Rosie (an original play by Theatre teacher Christian Kiley about Rosie the Riveter), Arsenic and Old Lace (directed by student Brooke Ann Vanassa), Broken Hope (written and directed by student Ezequiel Tomasino), Glitched (written and directed by student Zane Smith), Somewhere Over the Rainbow (written and performed by student Charlotte-Grace Johnson), Millennials (written and performed by student Matthew Krew), and The Art of Nostalgia (written and performed by students Julianna Alvarado), and several E.P.I.C shows (including one with EHS administration and teachers versus students).

Library Media Center – The Etiwanda High School Library and Maker Lab equips EHS students with multiple literacies for college, career, and citizenship. The library supports curriculum as well as student interests with print/digital resources and access to technology. Digital and information literacy lessons give students tools to efficiently, responsibly, and effectively access and use information. Throughout the year, the library builds community and provides a safe haven with events such as International Games Week and De-Stress December. The library promotes both cultural and academic literacy with a high-quality, diverse collection of literature where students can see themselves and empathize with others. Finally, the Maker Lab provides a space for creativity, hands-on learning, and collaboration. With the opportunity to access design software and maker technology (3D printing, Logic Pro X studio, Cricut and press, button maker, etc.), EHS students can gain the tech skills to grow beyond consumers into future-ready creators.